Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween!!

Brenden and Jacob -- such a fun night!

Trick or Treating -- Grace, Rachel, Jacob and Brenden --- Grace and Jacob are a little distracted!!!

Captain Jake -- sorry the picture is going the wrong way!!

Sweet baby Kylie on Halloween

Our ward had a Halloween party for the primary the other night - the kids had a great time! Here are some pics from that night...

Our sweet baby Carly -- she is so special to our ward family! Check our to learn more about her or go to ABC4news and see the story that was done on her on Sept. 25

Kylee and Kaylee Mossman and Adison Collins -- some cute girls in our ward

Monday, October 22, 2007

I took my kids to the zoo today and they loved it!! It was a little cold but sunny and beautiful so the animals were all out and that made my two little ones very happy. Here are some pics from our day at the zoo....

Monday, October 15, 2007

We have such a fun play group and the last couple of weeks we have done really fun things. We went to see the witches at Gardner Village and also went to the Scarecrow festival at Thanksgiving point. Here are some pics of these cute kids that Jake loves so much!!

Jake loves his pony ride

Jake loved loved loved this slide

The big slides at the Scarecrow Festival -- Jake didn't stop for almost 4 hours!!

Waiting for the pony ride

Ky Ky thinks she is such a big girl!

Jacob at the Scarecrow Festival

Jacob and his buddy Holland

The cute kids

Jake and Grace

How cute is this?!

Jacob and his friends at Gardner Village

Jacob and Brenden -- didn't want to sit to close!!

Gardner Village seeing the witches

Jacob and his cousin Brenden at Gardner Village -- best buddies!!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Isabelle, Jonah and Jeff

Time for cake

Uncle Tyler with the boys -- looks like your having a great time Tyler!

Jacob and his friends

Jacob and his cousin Brenden driving the jeeps

Jacob turned 4 on September 25 and had a very fun birthday party at jungle jims. He had lots of friends there and and they all had so much fun!

Jeff and Jonah -- celebrating Jeff's 29th birthday. Yep he is almost 30 --ha ha!!

Kylie and grandpa

Jonah - the birthday boy

Jasons sister Amy and her sweet little girl Elyse -- they live behind us and we love it!!!

Tami and Steve -- Jasons parents

Nana and Papa at the kids birthday party

Just a few days after we got home from Coronado we celebrated Kylie's 1st birthday! We also celebrated her cousin Jonah's 2nd birthday. The kids had a great time

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Jacob asks all the time if we can go to Coronado -- he loves it!

Jason and Jacob - best buddies

Here we are at our favorite place -- the beach!

Dinner at the boat house in Coronado

Grandma and Grandpa Strong -- what would we do without them!

Jenny's parents in Coronado

Warning... this bike is not made for 5 adults!

Jacob is having such a fun day at Sea World

Jacob and Jason looking at Shamu -- Jake thought that was pretty cool!

Go Padres!! Jeff, Jason's cousin Bryce and Jason

Jenny and Ky Ky in Coronado in July -- enjoying dinner at the Hotel Del Coronado