Monday, March 24, 2008

happy easter...

Jake making his easter eggs

This is what we did on our anniversay.....

Well, we were going to go to dinner and a movie...but instead we went to Primary Children's Hospital for over 3hours!! Ky feel while I was a work on the coffee table and cut her little chin open. She got 4 stitches and was soooo tuff!! They gave her some miracle spray up her nose that calmed her down and sent her into a whole other world!! she just layed there smiling and looking around while the Dr. and nurse did their thing. Its always so hard to see your kids get hurt and have to go through these little things, but they are so blessed...its amazing! And I just love Primarys they are so great there.

happy 7th anniversary honey....
yep, its been 7 yrs. We have known each other for 15yrs though!! A little story...I was 16 and he was 19 when we meet. We were really good friends and I always liked him. When he was 23 he decided it was time for him to go on a mission. He came into my work to invite me to his farewell. I had a very serious boyfriend at the time and I was also inactive. I told him I would try but by the time he got home I would be married to this other guy and good luck on the mission and in his life. Well, 6months after he left his sister was getting married and went to my best friends floral shop for flowers. Brooke got his address for me to write him, but I feel bad it just never happened. I wouldn't be a good idea for me to write him when I'm not even going to church. I thought about him all the time and 2weeks before he came home his brother came into my work. I couldn't remember the last time I had seen Matt. Anyway, he told me when Jason was coming home and said I should go to the airport...yeah right I thought!! Well, me and My best friend Brooke went!! It was so funny, Jason said hi and winked at me!! ha, was really funny. Anyway, a few months after he got home we went out on a date and have been together ever since. I love him and I love what a great daddy he is to our sweet kids. Sorry for the long story, just thought I would share!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

loved this movie

So last night Jason went to the Jazz vs Lakers game. For those of you that don't know, Jason is a huge, I mean HUGE, Lakers fan. He was born and raised in Anaheim and so the Lakers are just his team for life. There are pictures of him as a baby in his lakers shirts, and funny enough my kids have those same kind of pictures now. In fact, just the other day Jake needed (or so he and his daddy think!) a new Lakers jersey so they had to go get one!! Anyway, while Jason and his friend Rob went to the game last night, me, the kids, grandma, Jeff and Jonah went and saw Horton. It was so cute!! I love having kids so I can go see these movies. Its so much fun and Jake just loved it. You must take your kids....

welcome spring

Monday, March 17, 2008

ahhh...I'm done
So the last 8 days was a little different than expected. I knew i would be tired, but not this tired!! Well, Monday moring it was the first get the kids ready for school day...which starts getting the first one up at 6am -- not a time I am use to! Well, 745 rolled around and it was time for the 5th grader to get up. He got up saying he was sick and ended up being home 3 days that week from school. Wednesday comes and Maddy, the 21yr old, her school called. She was sick and home the last half of the week. Magen, the 7th grader, got to stay home to help me one day. I was suppose to have all day from 815 until 3 to get all things done I needed to do with just my 2 kids and that just wasn't happening!! Anyway, they were great kids and I really did have so much fun with them. I got to see what its like to have a 13yr old... driving here and there!! I am happy to be back home though. Now I just need to schedule a little spa time at Sego Lily!

Saturday, March 8, 2008

the next 8 days.....crazy!!
So my life is a little NUTS for the next 8 days. My parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles are on some amazing cruise that I really, really wish I was on...anyway, I am babysitting one of my aunts 4, yes 4, children. Its a pretty big adjustment. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc. is a much bigger project with 4 extra children. I am so lucky because the kids are so great. Maddy is 21 and handicap so she is probably the hardest only because she needs so much help. The others are 18, 13(who is my biggest helper!!) and 10. Any of you moms out there with more than 2 children, which is obviously what I'm use to, you are amazing. Hope you all have a great, the mother of 6!! o ya, I forgot to add that they have a dog too!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

And the winner is...... Christian
I really love PROJECT RUNWAY and the finale was last night. If you watch the show, comment on what you thought. I thought it was an amazing show and Christian really did great, as did all the other designers. I cant wait until season 5....lets hope we dont have to wait as long as we did for season 4 to kick off!!

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hailey and Kylie

How cute is Ms. Hailey?! This is my cousin Lindseys little girl and they came over today. Hailey is turning 1 on March 22 (o-no or is it the 21st Linds?)... anyway, I love her. She is very busy pulling her self up and walking along the furniture. I can't believe she is already this big! Thanks Linds for hanging out with me today -- love you!!