Thursday, March 6, 2008

And the winner is...... Christian
I really love PROJECT RUNWAY and the finale was last night. If you watch the show, comment on what you thought. I thought it was an amazing show and Christian really did great, as did all the other designers. I cant wait until season 5....lets hope we dont have to wait as long as we did for season 4 to kick off!!


katie kortman said...

JENNY!!!!!!!!!!!! I am soooooo mad that you posted this on your blog! I always watch it on the weekends, because my mom TiVos it. Now I know the winner:( Wah... BUT I am Happy, because he was my FAVORITE, so crazy, so couture! And freaking hilarious.

katie kortman said...

Okay, now I have watched it, and um, Christian was totally the best anyway!!!! I love the over-the-top designing really, its way more exciting to look at then boring old regular clothes. The other deigners had some good stuff, but their collections didn't have any wow factor. Oh, and I thought it was adorable how Christian cryed when he won!!!

Ryan & Kris said...

That is soooo funny that you watch that show too. I LOVE it. I liked his designs the best.....he was good throughout the show.