Friday, June 27, 2008


happy birthday a couple days!!!

this is a few days early, but since we are heading out I wanted to give a little birthday shout to my wonderful mom. She is the BEST!! Saves my life every day by helping me with my kids or taking care of me the last few weeks or whenever I need, or just being there to talk to. And she is the best grandma -- my kids adore her and are so lucky to have her. Love you mom

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

happy happy birthday to my dad.....

he is the greatest guy in the whole world and im so lucky to have him as my dad. He is the funnest guy you will ever meet, the nicest and best grandpa ever!!! Love you dad and see you in Coronado!! (he is leaving for spain tomorrow for a business meeting for a few days...lucky...then meeting up with us at the beach!!)

p.s. this picture was taken by Jacob and i found it and thought it was hilarious!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

My best friend since birth got married friday night. How beautiful does she look!! These are her two darling sisters. It was the best night, lots of dancing and yummy desserts. She got married in her moms backyard on friday evening, which was so beautiful. I will post more pics, I stole this one from her sister hollys blog...sorry holly!! Anyway, it was a great night and Im so happy for her and love her so much..and her husband is great too!!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

thank you...thank you...thank you...

  • i wanted to update all of you, per requests and let you know how we are doing. Where do i start. I had my d&c Friday, which went really well. Jason left for the weekend to the us open so i stayed at my moms, bless her heart, and she and my dad watched my kids while i slept and took it really easy. i have had a hard recovery, alot harder than i thought. the recovery is very similar to having a baby, cramping, bleeding, my milk trying to come in, very tired, etc. i talked to my Dr Monday and he said i should start feeling better this week, and if anything changes for the worse to call him. well, then yesterday came (wed.) and that's when things got bad again. i had just got Jake home from swimming and was getting out of the car. i wont be to graphic don't worry, but as i got out of the car i started bleeding uncontrollably. i left my kids in the car, ran in the house, sat on the toilet and at that point i was loosing alot of blood and hemorrhaging very bad. i called my mom, who was at my house in less than a minute. she got me in the car and rushed me to the er. after 4hours, an iv, lots of meds, they got my bleeding under control and thank goodness i got to come home. there was talk of taking me back into surgery if this certain pill didn't work, which thank goodness its working. it makes my uterus contract (no fun!!) and stops the heavy bleeding. even through all of this hell i feel so blessed. blessed that my mom lives so close and was able to take such great care of me and my little ones, blessed that my in-laws live so close and also take such great care, blessed to have such wonderful friends, blessed to have 2 sweet kids and most blessed to have a really loving and caring husband. this has been the hardest thing i have ever gone through, but i have gotten through it with love and support and i thank you. i hope I'm at the end of the road and have no more complications and can head out to California next week and just sit and look at the ocean!! hooray

  • now to answer questions about my sweet little Jacob and how he is handling all of this. well as many of you know Jacob was so excited to have another baby. when Jason told him what was going on with the baby and mommy he just sat there. he looked at us and said "but i really wanted 3 kids!! why is the baby back with heavenly father. how long will it take for heavenly father to bless the baby and get it back in Mommy's tummy. what holiday will the baby come on now (i was due Christmas day)." He just went on and on. he is doing better now but still says he is sad and hopes we will still have 3 kids.

  • anyway, I'm sorry for the long post, it was suppose to be alot shorter than this until yest.!! anyway, thanks again for all your love.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


happy fathers day to my wonderful dad. He is such an amazing person and i feel so lucky to have him as my dad. i love you

and to my husband...what an amazing daddy he is to our sweet children. he is spending his fathers day and the us open in San Diego this weekend, ruff life huh?! he is having a great time and I'm so glad he still went on the trip, even though he really wanted to stay home to take care of me...i made him go! i miss him and cant wait to see him tomorrow night. i love you so much

happy fathers day to all you wonderful dads out there

Thursday, June 12, 2008

thank you to all of you for your love and support....
well, today has been a really, really hard day. We went to the ultrasound this morning and the baby didn't change at all from last week, and this week there was no heartbeat. Its so hard to go through three months of pregnancy and have it all gone, but I know it could have been worse. I truly know that we will be blessed and we are so lucky have 2 children and one way or another we will have more. I go tomorrow morning to have a d&c, so tomorrow will be hard but we will get though it. THANK YOU everyone for your love and support. We are so blessed to have such wonderful people that surround us. Thank you for letting me share this experience, I think it will help me heal. My heart go out to any of you that have gone though this same thing and I pray if you haven't gone through something like this that you will never have to experience it. I love you all, thank you.

Friday, June 6, 2008

well, i am going through something i never thought i would have to go through. we are threatening a mis-carriage and i am just so scared. i had an ultrasound Wed and Thurs and the baby isn't were it needs to be in size, which means probably the baby has just stopped growing. there is a heart beat which is comforting, but so scary. i know things like this happen everyday but its really, really hard and so much more emotional than i ever imagined it would be. there are just so many risks when having a baby and i am so grateful i have 2 healthy children. i have an ultrasound next Thursday to see if anything has changed and just praying for a miracle at this time. i will keep you posted on anything to change, but for now just know that if you see me and I'm not my self this is why. thank you all for the support i have already got from some of you that know my situation, it helps so much and i appreciate the phone calls and listening ears. thank you for sharing your stories with me as some of you have gone through similar situations. its so wonderful to have such great friends. thank you again.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

hey friends.....
question for you. Have you ever been to legoland in san diego?? I dont know why I have never been, but we are thinking of going this year and wondered how it was? Jacob is at the perfect age and its everything he loves so hopefully its fun! Let me know if you have been and anything I need to know..thank you!