Thursday, October 30, 2008

The week o fun.....
Today is Jake's Halloween party at school. He was so excited to wear his costume and see all his friends. They are the cuttest kids!!

And then last night was the primary Halloween party
Here is Jake with one of his best buddies Holland....they have so much fun together!!

And Ky with one of her little friends and Hollands little sister Avea...Not sure whats up with Ky in this picture!!

Jake got his face painted and won some Dracula teeth...very exciting!

Jake playing one of the many was a musical chair type game
One of my favorite little girls Kylie Mossman

And her precious sister Carly....this baby girl is an angel that was sent to our ward to teach us service and love and we all love her so dang much. Isn't she beautiful?!
Well, now Jake will just be counting down the minutes until tomorrow night to go trick-or-treating. Until then Happy Halloween to all of you!!

My girls.... We went to dinner the other night to wish my darling Kristina (the one in the yellow) a very fun and happy move to Hawaii. She left today and we don't know how long she will be there but will miss her tons!! So happy for you Kristina that you and Zack are together...miss you!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

the Strong Halloween party
Last night was the Strong family Halloween party. Here are some pictures from the fun night. We all dress up, carve pumpkins, the kids play Halloween bingo, sing Halloween songs, and eat!! Its a great time...thanks grandma and grandpa for always having this fun party!! My little star wars family

Danny and Gentry

Grandma and Grandpa .... they love to be scary!!!

Jeff, Jonah and Mindy....Jonah looked so cute!!

My parents

My aunt Cindy and uncle Blake and their kids

My aunt Sana and uncle Brad and their kids

Cousin Lindsey, Tom and baby Hailey.....Aunt Lisa and Uncle Kimball

Playing bingo....kys winnings!!

Jakes very own pumpkin!!! He is so proud of it

All the pumpkins

Saturday, October 11, 2008

I was so happy a few months ago when I found out my favorite kids store was FINALLY coming to salt lake city!!! Last night I went to fashion place and seriously got so excited...there it was. I love this cute little store so much and actually kinda scared what kind of trouble I will be in now that its just 15min from my house!! Anyway, if you have never been you must. is pricey, but when they have a sale its good.

Friday, October 3, 2008

I've been tagged.....
So my friend Melissa tagged me and its an easy one so I will do it Melissa!!!!

6 random things about me.....

  1. I'm blind in my left eye. I was born with cataracts in both eyes and the one in my left eye had formed over my lens and my brain was never able to learn to see out of that eye. I have had alot of surgery's, the first one being when I was 9months to remove the cataract. I had a lazy eye and that was fixed after a few surgeries and then when I was 22 I had the cataract removed out of my right eye.
  2. Eyes again, my left eye is green and my right eye is blue. We think it has something to do with all my eye stuff, but who really knows!!
  3. I have 2 kids and pregnant with my 3rd. My 2 kids both took along time to get here. 1yr of trying with Jake and 9months with Ky. The mis-carriage didn't take anytime at all. I was pregnant the next month after stopping my birth control and then this pregnancy was so fast too! The lord is blessing me...I'm so grateful! I don't think I could have gone through that waiting period again.
  4. For 100+ years we have a tradition in my family of making homemade hand dipped chocolates for Christmas. My great grandma and her sisters started it off. Then of course my wonderful grandma came into the picture, with her daughters joining years later. Now me and my cousins are involved. I remember in elementary always being "sick" around chocolates time. I would go sit in the corner on the ground and just watch. Its such a production and an art and I feel so lucky to be a part of it. We make over 20 different flavors from scratch and roll them all out and then my mom, aunts, and me as of last year hand dip them. We start Nov 8th and I cant wait. You will see many pictures and maybe even a little video!!! Thank you grandma for continuing this tradition along.
  5. I love the holidays. They make me so happy because holidays mean spending time with family and friends. We have a ridiculous amount of traditions, but If just one of them went away it wouldn't be the same. I love all the parties, the food, the treats, the decorating, the excitement on my kids faces on Christmas morning, and just having wonderful family surrounding us. Its the best!
  6. I love Coronado more than anything. We are lucky enough that my grandparents have a place there and we get to spent 2weeks in July there. Also, once a year my grandma, aunts, cousin Lindsey, me and my mom go on a girls trip. We go for 4 days or so and shop, eat, shop again, eat again, stay up late laughing and acting like teenagers. Its the best!! Coronado makes me instantly relax and i love it so much....i wish i was there right now!!!!

Well that does it....

I now tag Lindsey, Brittany, Heather, Marni, Jen S, Celeste

Thursday, October 2, 2008