Saturday, January 17, 2009 kylie...... so this is how i found ky today. i was cleaning and vacuuming and she was in playing in her room. when i went in her room to vacuum, this is how she looked. she told me to be quiet she was trying to get her baby to take a nap. i asked her why she was naked and had flip flops and sunglasses on and she said, "its sunny outside and i really want to go to the pool!!" she is such a funny little one.

she is on day #4 of "pretty underpants" as she says. she has actually been potty training herself for the last 6months, thats right since before her 2nd birthday. i havent pushed it and have let it be all her idea, since she still seems so young to me. some days she wears pull ups, some days diapers and some days underpants. i wonder if from here on out will just be underpants?!?! hopefully!

this little girl is a funny one and i love her so much! i cant believe she will be a big sister soon....

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Our Christmas eve and Christmas
We had such a great Christmas. The kids loved every second of it. I think Jake started the count down right after Halloween. So Christmas eve we have a big night at grandma Strong's. We open gifts from them and the cousins, have a great dinner, and play a mean game of bingo...its pretty serious!! (with great, and i mean great bingo gifts!) So we got home from grandmas around 8:30 or so that night and the kids wanted to sleep in Ky's room for Christmas eve. We made them and bed on the floor and got a movie for them to watch. Ky was SO excited Jake was sleeping in her room, so excited that she lost her balance and feel down and cut her eye open on her little table and chairs in her room. that's right, primary children's here we come!!! Jason and Jake stayed home and did the rest of Christmas eve things, writing Santa his letter and getting milk and cookies ready. My sweet dad came with me and Kylie so i wasn't by myself. long story short Ky qualified for clue instead of stitches, which she would have had around 5-6 stitches. We finally got home around 12:30am just in time for bed!! I of course had a billion things to still do so didn't get much sleep. We kept this Dora banded on her eye so she wouldn't pick at the clue, and thank goodness she behaved and left it alone. Her eye looks really good and i just cant believe that's were we spent our night....

So here is the little stinker showing her eye and banded
this was Christmas eve...

And now Christmas morning. We had to wake our kids up!!

After Christmas eve, Christmas morning and the day with grandparents here is Jacobs Christmas...we are so blessed to have such great families who hooked the kids up!!!

A few days after Christmas we headed to Midway and spent new years was great. I forgot my camera but Jason took the kids sledding, we went swimming, played alot of wii and just relaxed.
Hope you all had a great holiday!!