Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Well, Christmas came and left. It is so much fun having kids and seeing how much they love christmas morning. Jake has looked forward to this day since Halloween. He got what he asked santa for which was a darth vadar transformer. We had a great day with family and hope you all had a wonderful christmas.

christmas eve -- Jonah, Jacob and Isabelle

Jacob made this at school and gave it to me at his program

Jacob at his school christmas program

These pictures are from my grandparents santa party they do every year. Santa comes and the kids sit on his lap asking for what they want and then each grandkids gets a toy from santa. Jake did great and asked for all kinds of things, some we had just learned that night. Ky didn't make it out of my arms. She was crying and just wanted to look at his from far far away!!

My brother Jeff and his girlfriend had an ugly sweater party the other night -- it was sooo funny!! Here are just a couple pics from that night. You must do one of these parties - it is hilarious what you can find in your mothers closet or just the DI.