Tuesday, August 26, 2008

the draper fire.....

So scary!! My house smelled like an old smoky casino all night!! How scary for these homes that were threatened by this fire. It made me scared to think what if that was my house. What would I grab, what would I do? Scary thought...just glad everyone is ok.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

I know, I know.... I'm REALLY behind!!! So, for years people have been telling me to read these books. Because my children are night owls, I don't get much time to my self at night....that is until 1 week ago!! I finally started the first book...and now I'm on the 3rd! Basically, my kids just do what they want, Jake can get KY what she needs, right?!?! Jake and Ky can make their own food, clean, do laundry, etc....right?!?! Well, good thing they have just let me be for parts of the day and they just go play with Jason at night when he is home so i can read. I'm so obsessed with these books!! Well, that's all - i gotta get back to it!!

PS....who else is obsessed with these? Please tell me that if you are you houses are total messes too!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

fun afternoon with grammy and papa.....
Jacob, Kylie and their 2 cousins went to feed the ducks today. Those ducks got good and full off all the bread they feed them!! They also went to papas work to see the 2 new trucks he got in...the boys loved sitting and "driving" the trucks. Thanks grammy and papa for the fun time!!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

I loved the opening ceremony....

Here is a really great video from the opening ceremony. If you have 5 min watch it, incredible.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's true....I'm 31 today!!!
We went to dinner tonight with my family...thank you fam for dinner and great gifts!!

Jeff and Mindy

Danny and Gentry

Grandma and Grandpa Strong


This is my card that Jacob made me...its the cuttest thing I have ever seen!!
Ky helping me with my presents

My parents were there too but for so reason we didn't get a picture of them. Jason gave me a new tennis racket which I'm so excited about. My kids gave me a gift certificate to sego lily and a massage time already set up for Friday, YEAH!!! It was a great birthday

Monday, August 4, 2008

Jacob and his cousin Brenden the other night...Brenden slept over while his mom, dad and baby sister were in the hospital. Do you think they are tired?!?! O how I wish I could sleep like them!!

Hayley Paige London
1:45 am on 7/30
8lbs 2oz 21"
This is my sweet little niece. We are so happy she is here!! This is the family, Jason's sister Amy, Tyler, Brenden and Elyse. We love you baby Hayley!!!
this picture makes me laugh...Ky LOVES her, but isn't so sure of her in this picture

Jacob, Grammy and baby Hayley...he also LOVES her Brenden and Elyse meeting her for the first time. Since she had her in the middle of the night I slept over at their house. When the kids woke up we got them ready and headed for the hospital...so sweet
Me and Elyse...she loves to touch her and is a very good big sister