Monday, August 4, 2008

Hayley Paige London
1:45 am on 7/30
8lbs 2oz 21"
This is my sweet little niece. We are so happy she is here!! This is the family, Jason's sister Amy, Tyler, Brenden and Elyse. We love you baby Hayley!!!
this picture makes me laugh...Ky LOVES her, but isn't so sure of her in this picture

Jacob, Grammy and baby Hayley...he also LOVES her Brenden and Elyse meeting her for the first time. Since she had her in the middle of the night I slept over at their house. When the kids woke up we got them ready and headed for the sweet
Me and Elyse...she loves to touch her and is a very good big sister


Jenni S said...

Oh, she is a cutie. New borns are just so sweet, everybody wants to hold and love them. Fun.

Lindsey and Tommy said...

Cute Cute Baby!! And I LOVE her name! ;) Congrats to them!!