Tuesday, July 29, 2008


So I have taken so long to post pictures from our trip. Check out the slide show....some highlights from the trip

  • Spending time with my kids, husband, brothers, parents and grandparents
  • Having Jonah on the trip with us
  • Having my brother Danny there
  • The beach and pool
  • The beautiful view every morning and night
  • The weather...its just perfect!!
  • Legoland..you must take you children if they are under the age of 10...its SO FUN!!
  • Seaworld
  • Great food
  • Walks on the beach
  • Shopping
  • For my husband...GOLF
  • Seeing Kylies face the first time a wave knocked her down!! Classic
  • The excitement everyday from my kids
  • Spending the 4th of July there...its a great place to be. Fireworks are incredible there!!

I could go on and on...it was a great trip and I love my parents and grandparents so much. They make this trip possible and they are the most wonderful people in the whole world. I love them.


chelsea said...

i'm so glad that you all had fun on your trip. if anyone needed it, it is you. do you often wonder why you live so far from the beach? i do!

Jenni S said...

You guys did a ton of stuff! It's so nice when you can fit everything in you want to do. Looks like you all had a blast. FUN!!!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of the little ones holding hands at the beach. Very precious.

FAB SIX said...

lots of fun pics. i love the beach. looks like you had alot of fun.

Lindsey & Tommy said...

I loved the pics... we really need to work it out next year to be there a couple days together!!

melissa & corbin said...

looks and sounds like you had a blast! i am so jealous but i am so glad that you had funa dn got to relax! missed you at gno but we see you next time. hope to see you soon. xoxo melissa

Ashley said...

Welcome to San Diego! You should move here with us... we love it love it love it