Thursday, October 30, 2008

The week o fun.....
Today is Jake's Halloween party at school. He was so excited to wear his costume and see all his friends. They are the cuttest kids!!

And then last night was the primary Halloween party
Here is Jake with one of his best buddies Holland....they have so much fun together!!

And Ky with one of her little friends and Hollands little sister Avea...Not sure whats up with Ky in this picture!!

Jake got his face painted and won some Dracula teeth...very exciting!

Jake playing one of the many was a musical chair type game
One of my favorite little girls Kylie Mossman

And her precious sister Carly....this baby girl is an angel that was sent to our ward to teach us service and love and we all love her so dang much. Isn't she beautiful?!
Well, now Jake will just be counting down the minutes until tomorrow night to go trick-or-treating. Until then Happy Halloween to all of you!!


lacieinthesky said...

So fun! Things like this make me wish we still lived up there...I can't believe how big Carly is getting, she's beautiful!

Also, I wanted to tell you some elder's from your stake called Heath thinking he was still the Elder's Quorum President of the Mesa Park Ward...I guess they really need to update their lists. Heath said, "um you need to call Jason Powell." It was funny!

katie kortman said...

wow you have been having a halloween month! All the parties.. crazy! Bet you are ready to start the next holiday.. thanksgiving! yum! Oh and Kylie is looking more and more like you!

Romans Family said...

WOW! what a lot of fun events and what cute kids!

Andrew, Jen, and Taedon Kent said...

Halloween looks like it was a success! Your little ones are so cute! I see you are close to finding out what you are having...can't wait to hear! And how sweet is that little girl in your ward...God bless her!

Dani Peek said...

Don't you love ward parties? Rylee loved the face painting at ours, too. I can't believe how big your kids are... we haven't seen Kylie since she was a baby. They're getting cuter and cuter!

Azy said...

these pics are great!!! how you been feeling? when will we see you back at work? miss you!