Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Jacob has been tagged by his friend Grace to tell about the things he LOVES and HATES... so here is it

  • Starwars
  • Pirates
  • Transformers
  • Video games
  • Disneyland & Seaworld
  • Park city/Midway
  • San diego/Coronado
  • School & Primary
  • His friends and cousins
  • Coloring and writing his name
  • All sports, but golf being his favorite
  • Chocolate milk and sprite
  • Spaghetti,chicken nuggets, icecream and anything chocolate
  • Playing outside and going for walks
  • Swimming
  • The Zoo
  • The colors blue and red
  • His sister Kylie
  • His Grandparents
  • Most of all...his Daddy


  • Any beans being the first on his list
  • Being cold..but loves to play outside in the snow??? weird child!!
  • The dark..unless he is in control and turns the lights off for a game or something!!
  • Going to bed at night at a somewhat normal time..wouldn't want to miss anything
  • So with that said, waking up in the morning. He is the worst!
  • Mr. Noodle on elmo...he hasn't watched it for a few years and didn't like him then and Kylie was watching it the other day and Jake turned it off when Mr. Noodle came on.
  • Stopping what he is doing to eat or leave to go somewhere
  • When he has cake and its not chocolate...he will still eat it but wont be to happy about it.
  • When he has to drink water...he has never liked it!!
  • Crust on his bread
That about does it with he is tagging these 3 friends
Morgan and Jace --
Simmons kids --


Chelsea said...

cute post!

Brittany said...

I love that he hates Mr. noodle. How do you hate Mr. noodle? That made me laugh.

Horsley Home said...

Hey- thanks for your nice comment on my blog! You can just go to and pick the colors you want- or email me specifc colors and I can customize them for you to match her outfits! The small ones are $5 and the large are $7. You'd probably want the small ones for Kylie. My email is on that website, so just let me know! It's so fun to keep in touch! Glad to see you are doing so well!