Wednesday, November 25, 2009

happy thanksgiving
may your day be filled with loved ones.

  • my day would not be complete if i didn't say just how very grateful i am for this little family of mine. they are the reason i breathe...they mean everything to me and not a day passes that i don't look at each of them and tell them how much i love them.
  • and then my mom...the other reason i keep going every single day. she is the best mom, grandma, listening ear, friend...the list really goes on and on. she has been through so much and i just pray she gets a break soon and gets to do what she wants to do!!! love you mama
  • and i just had to throw this pic in...i mean really, they are so silly!!! i laugh all day long with these two...this was one of many pics that was cracking me up!!!


Linda Nance said...

I am new at blogs and computers but found yours and enjoyed it so very much. Those we love in our lives give it meaning, smiles and hope. The love you have in your family shows through in the beautiful pictures and way that you presented it. I am lucky if I find a way to just post the things that I write. Maybe I will bet better at it with time. Have a happy Holliday and thank you for sharing your thoughts and views.

sarah marie. said...

LOVE the last picture. happy thanksgiving!

Lorilee said...

cutest little family.
we must run into each other over christmas.
happy thanksgiving

tiff said...

Let me guess Laker fans!

katie k said...

your kids are hilarious.