Monday, November 16, 2009

today this is the conversation between me and my jacob....

  • me: hey buddy, how was school?
  • jacob: great!! im in love...her name is chloe
  • me: what?? i thought you didnt want to be in love and didnt want a girlfriend
  • jacob: but mom, she told me she loved me and that i was her boyfriend
  • me: well, thats exciting. she is a cute girl
  • jacob: i know, she is really pretty. but sometimes i cant tell her and her twin sister apart

I love this kid!!!! seriously, makes me laugh all the time.


Jen Chapman Kent said...

I'm am laughing so hard right now! What a stud!! I can't wait for those times w/ Taedon.

melissa said...

seriously so funny! made my day.

tiff said...

No reason why he can't like them both.