Friday, January 8, 2010

My husband called me this morning telling me a story about a friend of his cousins...a mom that lost her 8week old last night. My heart fell to the floor. This is her story, and its beautifully written and although i don't know her, i feel as if i do after reading through her last 9days. I sobbed the whole time reading it and thought of what i would do if this was me. Would i have her strength? A mothers love is just something so special and these little angels that are brought to us are priceless. May she and her family be blessed at this time. Check out her blog, her story will make you want to kiss your babies a little more today and always.


Horsley Family said...

Wow, her blog is so so addicting. She has an amazing outlook on life- before the death of her son and after. What a sad story, I can't even imagine how terrible that would be. I'm certain I could not be as strong as she seems. Thanks for sharing!
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katie k said...

I can't even imagine. I would die a little inside.

Azy said...

i too herd about this blog & hurried as fast as i could to get my little guy immunized. cant read her blog with out crying a little. my husband was friends with her in high school.