Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Hills
are back my o my last night was a hot mess.
how i love this show!
Heidi...don't do one more thing to your body you crazy girl.
Kristen... you are totally messed up and need help.
Lo... i love you.
Audrina... your body is amazing and that's about it.
Steph... you are a mess and only 23.
Spencer... i really don't like you at all, but I'm glad you weren't wearing that stupid cowboy hat like you always rocked last season are such a ladies man.


Horsley Family said...

even though i'm in barbados vacationing right now... this post needs a comment! i actually didn't get to watch last night and now am DYING to!!! love you even more for loving these ridiculous shows with me:)

The Powells said...

chels..get ready girl, get ready. i cant wait until you watch it. best line of the night, from heidis stepdad "wow, your face looks very sculted and frozen!" ahhh...the train reck. i love it.