Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Christmas has been on my kiddos minds lately. figuring out what they will ask Santa for this year is talked about alot, and Jacob has figured out his list.
the conversation the other day about his list went a little something like this...
"Mom, so I have been thinking about my Christmas list. Last year I asked for 3 things and Santa said that was quiet a list, so this year I will only ask for 2 things.
I would like the first thing to be a Servant that will call me Master Jake and do everything for me.
The second thing I'm going to ask for is some new Vans with skulls on them.
That's all I want for Christmas mom, sound good?"


Melanie said...

What a funny boy. That cracks me up!

Marti said...

Can't stop laughing. Love it.

Jenni S said...

Are you kidding me??? What an amazing little mind. That's great!

Lorilee said...

so cute.
and i love the family photos on your previous post... i can't believe how old they have all gotten.