Thursday, April 7, 2011

Broken heart....and broken body.

Last week, on this day, my life changed. Let me tell you about it...

wed night around 9pm: that's when it all starts. Very, very sick...and off to the ER we go.
tests, tests, and more tests.
my husband so scared.
me...not with it at all, so not aware of whats happening.

Thursday at 5am: starting to get some scary tests results back.
1. we don't have a heartbeat on the baby.
2. my white blood count is thru the roof...which means major infection in my body
3. Priesthood blessings to keep me calm and safe

7am: I am bleeding internally. Not sure where this is coming from.
My husband, so so scared. but by my side every single second.

9am: another ultra sound and more tests

11:00: Dr's still trying to figure out whats going on....I'm getting worse and worse.
everyone can see it. I can't talk, I can't open my eyes, I can hardly breathe.

12:00: A radiologist, internal Dr, and my OB meet.
that is when they discover, after looking over all my tests and ultra sounds what is happening.

a few minutes later....
many Dr's in my room, papers being thrown at Jason to sign, prepping me for emergency surgery.
Another priesthood blessing, on the way to the OR. Thank you Dad.

I am pregnant with twins. One is stuck in my Fallopian tube...which burst and is causing internal bleeding. Which, at this point I am bleeding to death.

I lost 2500cc of blood in surgery....1/2 of my bodies blood.
Huge blood transfusion performed, and I'm alive.
I was watched over every second....I know this. I'm so very very grateful.

While my heart and body are broken, I'm still here for my kids and for Jason.

I am now home from a long hospital stay.....and so happy.
Thank you all for your prayers, phone calls, texts, flowers, dinners, etc etc.

I love you all.


Melanie said...

Oh Jenny. I cried just reading this. I am so sorry for everything. I'm glad you are OK. You are being watched over.

sarah marie. said...

oh jenny i'm so sorry! you are in my prayers..

Azy said...

jenny oh wow you poor thing. Sending my love and prayers for you and your sweet family xo

yours truly said...

Jenny, my heart is aching for you. This story just breaks me, and yet I'm so amazed by your strength and what a dedicated wife and mother you are. I'm thinking of you...

Jenni S said...

What a scary time. I'm grateful you received blessings. You are definitely watched over and need to be here. I'm glad you're home now and that you have wonderful family to take care of you. Hang in there you sweet lady. ((hugs))

Marti said...

Oh sweet Jenny! My heart aches for you. So, so glad you are recovering at home now. I'm sending many prayers your way. Love you!!!

Lorilee said...

Oh my goodness jenny that is so scary. I am so sorry you had to go through this.... but so happy everything is okay. I will be thinking and praying for you.

blueeyedfreckle said...

Oh my gosh Jenny! I had no idea that it was THAT bad. I knew it was bad, but didn't know those details from FB. I am so sorry you had to endure this, but of course, since its you, you are coming out of it still with a happy spirit. I am glad you are alive and healthy!

Erin said...

Although we know you are sad, we are glad that you are safe and were watched over.

Dede said...

Oh my goodness, Jenny! I am so sorry-that is terrible. Someone is watching over you. I hope you're recovering.