Tuesday, April 26, 2011

My sweet boy turned 2....a while ago.
This is old news, but with everything that has been going on with my health, Carson's birthday was sorta just thrown together. He turned 2 right after I got out of the hospital. My sweet mom went shopping for me, got the cake, etc etc. I usually throw a big party, with everything very thought out, but that just didn't happen. And you know what...it all worked out!!
I cant even describe how sweet my little buddy is.
  • he loves to say "good morning mama", followed by a huge hug and slobbery kiss first thing
  • then, he asks for "dinner (everything is dinner to him) and choc milk and watch mickey mouse please"
  • he loves to wake up his brother and sister. He is very sweet about it too
  • he loves animals...but we don't have one, which makes my kids sad
  • he loves his blanket...its starting to be a problem
  • he loves his shoes, and tries to get himself dressed
  • he tells me when he needs his diaper changed...and likes to got potty on the toilet
  • he loves to eat....i mean really, he would sit in his chair and eat all day. whatever too!
  • he is such a good little dancer and loves music
  • he says please and thank you for everything...so cute
  • he finally loves nursery
  • he loves grandma and grandpa more than me
  • he cant get enough of his daddy....he likes to watch basketball with him
this list could go on for days....i love him. I love hanging out with him everyday. I love the cuddles i get from him. He brightens my day. I'm so very blessed....not sure how I got so lucky.


Marci Joy said...

Sweet Jenny - I am so so sorry to hear about your recent hospital visit. I love you and wish you a peaceful recovery.

Your kids are the cutest.


Lorilee said...

i'm so jealous he is such a good eater. there is nothing worse than making a big dinner and you're kids won't eat it... which is pretty much the case every night for me.

yes please to inventory!! I will be in Salt Lake and would LOVE to come back and work amongst some of my favorite people for a couple of days. Let me know.

Richelle Gutierrez said...

I love your lists, Jenny, you truly have a unique voice, on your blog and on FB. I love it, you are so funny!