Wednesday, May 5, 2010

well...i did it.
I had surgery today.
i inherited a terrible set of varicose veins, and with every pregnancy they got worse and worse. right now, I'm laying in bed...and will be for the next 72 hours. i cant lift anything over 5lbs for 3 days. and i have 3 kids who weigh well over that!! o ya, and i really cant walk. its funny to watch me try to get around!!
while its nice to just lay here...its hard. moms cant just lay here!
anyway, if you experience varicose veins, i would be happy to tell you about my procedure and recommend highly my Dr. and his team.


Horsley Family said...

Oh jen, that's not fun:( I'm glad you have take care of it... from what I hear it's not a comfortable procedure? Good luck with recovery and with staying sane doing nothing.. it always sounds great until you're the one, right?

melissa said...

i am so sorry. that stinks, but at least you got it taken care of. hey the things you do for theose kiddos! hope that you get better soon.