Monday, January 7, 2008

What are your top 5 quirks??
So my friend Brittany did this a while ago and I loved it!! I never got around to doing it until now. I will share with you my top 5 quirks...and share yours too!!
1. My plate of food.... so i really don't like my food to touch the other food on my plate. I know it all goes to the same place but I just don't like it. I make little areas for each food and I think it just tasts better!!
2. When you eat your food...I really don't like to hear other people eating their food. If its noodles I hear slurping, I go a little crazy inside!! Even at night when my kids finally, yes finally around 11pm, go to sleep and Jason is next to me with his glass of milk and usually ice cream or cookies or something and I hear him drink or eat it makes me crazy- poor guy trys so hard to eat quiet and usually always does!! Sorry honey, I still love you though!
3. My I love to be home in my jammies! I can get home and within seconds change into some warm jammies faster than you can believe. Jason will come in after me a minute later and I'm all cozy and comfy in my jammies -- love it!!
4. The TV...I love to lay in bed at night and finally have a few minutes to myself. I really don't like to watch or listen to commercials so I tend to push the mute button every time there is a commercial. Sometimes, because I'm so dang tired, I forget to turn the volume back up and start watching the show on mute. I just sit and watch and don't even notice until Jason comes in the room and says, "a little volume would be nice when your watching TV!" I some how follow the show even though its in mute.
5. My kitchen...I really cant relax at night or sometimes even go to bed if my kitchen is a mess. I love the dishes to be done and just know that at least one room in my house is somewhat put together before I go to bed. It's also so nice to wake up to that one clean room!!
Well, there ya have it. A little something about me. I will have to think up some good stuff about Jason and post it... he will love it!!


katie kortman said...

you are the cutest! I love your quirks. It was so exciting to hear from you on my blog! Gotta love the blog world:) Your kids are adorable and I can't believe how big Kylie is. She was just born for goodness sake! Say hi to Cassie for me and give her my blog address!

Brittany said...

I am the same way with the kitchen. Ever since I went away to college I have always wanted my kitchen clean. I don't know why either!

sarah marie said...

jennie i would love to do a shoot with your kids! call me. 801.808.4060